creative chiton

THE BRIEF: Design an Origami skirt for a Female | Accessories included | Colour: monochrome | Transformation : macro trend 2016 | sub category: Weird Nature: of the sea

Being a designer that explores nature for inspiration, I was drawn to the beach shoreline and was intrigued with my findings for the “weird nature” subcategory. At first I thought my finding was the most interesting shell that had washed up, but researching the organism later on that afternoon I found it was a chiton, Mollusk; a prehistoric organism, normally found on the banks of North Western American coastline. There are about 750 different types of mollusk species still in existence today. Chitons have a protective shell known as the “Knights Gauntlet” which has 8 overlapping plates used for protection. All mollusks have an interesting detail on the surface of their shell making each unique and inspiring to capsulize interesting designs.

origami inspired design inspiration was taken from the chiton – surface of the triangular shell shapes as well as the body of the shell the sketch my weird nature final design concept steps i followed:

i cut +- 100 triangles at 16cm/12cm these triangles then got interfaced and ironed into there shape by overlapping I then sewed each triangle in its place on half front and half back of the skirt base. The one side of the skirt base I cut away on the side seam – to create a triangular shape finish

the other half of the skirt is the shell inspired design. I designed the pattern to have an asymmetrical flow so that it encapsulates and shells the one half of the body. I wanted to resemble the one side of the skirt as a textured surface. something beautiful to look at. and the other half as a protection against the outer world. the pattern for these layers are attached to a C/F seam and a C/B seam line. An open ended zip is used for closure on C/B a double W/B is attached with button for closure.

My accessory design I decided on rapping rope around a cone and constructed a hat and neck piece as seen below – sorry the runway shot is not so clear…. 🙂



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