Hello to you, welcome to my page…

My name is Natalie Combley, a young design enthusiast from South Africa…that has recently just moved to London. I have spent the past 7 years completing a Fashion degree as well as a degree and bachelor in Textile Design.

Authentic design work, vibrant colour and original fabrics move my soul… to hold a handmade creation that one has creatively moulded, by a ‘feeling’ during a specific time… I call this art.

This ‘feeling’ I have been lucky and fortunate enough to experience in my home surroundings… South Africa. The diversity of this country gives me room to explore its culture and within this most of my design work has grown..

I am both passionate about creating authentic fabrics and fashion designs and feel strongly about the effort and time I spend on each creation. Just Nativ (yes without an ‘e’) has been the chosen name for my design work.. creating original artistic work from handweaving, knitting, screen-printing, fashion and homeware..

I love to create and hope you find a little piece of happiness when viewing my work…

Thank you